Thursday, September 20, 2012

My new life...


It's have been 2 weeks since I've started my classes and I've got my first assignment during my second class which is last week...

Uniquely, when we asked the professor about the deadline, he said "Whenever you want. It's up to you"

Guess, what is the next question from us?????
" So, can we submit it next year????"


We will have five lecturers for this semester and so far, only two of them have started their lectures... Thanks God, our lecturers are very sporting.. So, the learning process are not a boring session and we enjoy the class.. The interesting part is, our lecturers are not giving lecture, but they teach us.. They make our desire to learn increased... Alhamdulillah....

It's lots of something new in here:
  • One subject will have more than 3 lecturers. For example, my Epidemiology subjects involved 5 lecturers, and Biostatistics subjects involves 4 lecturers.
  • We don't have carry marks here. All of the assignments, presentation, or etc. are not a part of assessment. The assignment is only for qualification for sitting in the exam hall. Here, our grade will be 100% from the final exam... Gosh... I have to work hard for the final exam... Besides, we do not have any past years papers for references as in UiTM... huhu...
  • In examination, for MCQ (multiple choice question), 1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer and no mark for unanswered question... Yeah, this is common for medical students, but for a Maths student like me, it is very extra ordinary... haha... So, if you are not confirm with the answer, please do not answer that question...

 My 1st assignment are ready to be submitted..... :D


it's about Me and You said...

Deadline sayang, bukan date line.hehe

Wahh, potong markah kalau salah. Kalau 100 soalan, 50 betul 50 salah, so kosong la markah? betul dop? ngeh3.

Bunga said...

Ooppss... sorry.... silap2.. heheh...

yup.... tp utk post-grad dia xcarry forward.. kalo soalan 1st tu salah 3, betul 2= -3+2=-1..
kalo soalan 2nd dpt salah 2, 3 betul=-2+3=1
tp sebab xcarry forward, soalaan 1 dikira 0..
so, total soalan 1st n 2nd=0+1=1

nurmohd619 said...

waa...ini betul2 polish keberkesanan sistem peperiksaan dan pblajaran pljr... ^^)

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